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I’m Dr. Xenia Danos. An expert in education with 18 years of experience in the areas of teaching, learning and development.

I am a teacher, trainer and coach, offering ready to use, complete solutions for the leaders and educators who care, and are ready to become influencers for their people.

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As a child I was always described as ‘a spirited one’, which brought great discomfort to a lot of my teachers, and great excitement to a selected few.
As a young adult, this drew to me some amazing mentors who took me under their wing, elevating me in my personal and professional path, changing my life for ever. For these amazing mentors, I am for ever deeply grateful, and I now carry a piece of them within myself.

My first mentor gifted me the gift of believing in myself and becoming unafraid of unfolding my unique creativity!
My second mentor gifted me with the skills and self belief in making my ideas materialise while creating real value and openly giving back to society.
My third mentor taught me unlimited kindness and forgiveness whilst fearlessly pursuing my dreams and growing into the woman I choose to be.
My mother and father taught me the values of respecting and nurturing my spiritual and physical health, and gifted me with a growth mindset.
Life has shown me the almost unlimited human potential, and the stunningly beautiful power of individuality.

These, along with my individual gift of taking science and breaking it down into applicable, practical bite-size steps, is what I am here now offering through my teachings and coaching.

Life is so much more fun when lived through your authentic true self rather than trying to fit into ready-made moulds set by society and the education system. There is an amazing freedom that comes with building your career and living through your authentic self; a freedom equal to that offered by money – the financial freedom. Identifying your unique gifts, tapping into your true potential and unleashing your unique gifts, can bring you these types of freedom in your life.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world

If I could do this, so can you! Are you ready to take the leap?



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