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Becoming a facilitator

of learning

Basic instructional design of a lesson based on the model of Gagne. Understand the natural process of learning (cognitive psychology) and how to use a simple model allowing you to design robust lessons offering effective learning.

Turn your teaching

into learning experiences

Converting your teaching to student-centred-approach through appropriate teaching aids. Find out practical ways, tools and techniques to facilitate learning, and design ready-to-use learning tasks.

Guide your Learners

to discover the power of learning

Upgrade your teaching by creating bullet-proof learning experiences, allowing no room for failure (of learning) following Bloom’s Taxonomy. Learn how to ask the right questions, design and implement the right tasks to enhance and facilitate learning. Turn your lesson’s pedagogy into Student-Centred learning creating specific, measurable learning objectives and offering individualised, constructive feedback.

Inspire, Motivate & Drive

development of your students

Gain an in-depth understanding of the learning progression following the model of  Gagné, how knowledge is constructed and how the human mind works. Facilitate learning by sharing responsibility and empowering your learners by creating autonomous learners and offering individualised support.

Success in Teaching

requires learning as fast as the world is changing.

Learn how to promote and facilitate a growth mind-set to your learners. Offering learning through specific methods, tools, techniques and tasks following the technology and needs of the learner of 2018 and beyond.

Courses Appropriate for Head of Departments & Programme Coordinators

Become a Facilitator

by unveiling people's awesomeness

Support and guide your staff to becoming active facilitators of learning. Ready to use tools and techniques to support professional development and provide formative assessment, and agreed on individualized targets.

Shaping & Elevating

the culture of your school

Take the lead, with deliberate and conscious design and implementation of the culture you envision for your school. Shaping the micro-environment of your school to operate, reflect and promote the ethos and values you want every student to grow with! Give the tools your students will need for a life-long-learning, a competitive, successful and happy life!