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Hey, I am Xenia,

An expert in education with more than 18 years of experience and 14 years of research in the areas of teaching and learning

I am a teacher, trainer and coach, offering ready to use, complete solutions for the leaders and educators who care, and are ready to become influencers for their people.


( 18 years of experience )


CEO & Head Trainer

Holistic Education Services, Training and Examination Centre

Train the Trainers (Professional Training), Individualised Training Programs for Education Organisations, Schools and Corporate Organisations through the Holistic Education Approach.


Skills and Labour Market Policies & Systems Analyst

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), GR.

Analysing the skills and labour market needs of the EU and on a national level, and providing guidance to governments of EU member states


Education Quality Assurance and Research in Vocational Education

KES College, CY

Education Quality Assurance bridging the gap between academia and implementation in Vocational Education, Coaching, Training, Seminars, Workshops


Director of Educational Research (Toy manufacturing company)

Bridging the gap between industry & educational, Research, Workshops


External collaborator & Trainer

Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

Teacher Training, Workshops


Specialised teaching personnel

University of Cyprus, CY.

3 Years Teacher Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Research, Workshops, Seminars


Post Doc Researcher

University of Cyprus, CY

FS7 Research management & coordination, Workshops, Seminar


Programme Director, Creative arts and animation Masters Degree course.

Global College, CY.

Teacher Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Workshops


Independent Communication and Coaching consultant


Teacher Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Workshops, Seminars


Visiting lecturer

Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

Postgraduate levels – Teaching, Teacher Training, workshops


PhD in Visual Intelligence, Development progression in humans, teaching, learning

Loughborough University, UK.

PhD Research, Teaching, Teacher Training, workshops


Secondary School Teacher

Campion School, UK

Secondary School Teacher KS3, KS4, KS5


Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Middlesex University, UK

Teaching Training in Secondary Education


Design and technology BA hons

Middlesex University, UK

Design & technology of educational, graphic & other products

"Knowledge is power
Learning is your super power"

Dr. Xenia Danos

"Xenia brought considerable teaching skills with her to Loughborough Design School. Xenia made very effective contributions to the teaching of engineering drawing at Loughborough and to the PGCE programmes at Loughborough and Sheffield Hallam Universities."

Emeritus Professor Eddie NormanDesign Education Loughborough Design School

"Xenia is an excellent colleague who excels both as an independent practitioner and as a member of a team. She will always make that extra effort to ensure the success of a student or a research project."

Professor Ken BaynesRoyal College of Art

"I would definitely recommend Xenia and her seminars to anyone wanting to improve their techniques. She had a great impact on my teaching; she would identify areas for improvement and help improve and expand my teaching skills without me even noticing that I was using her new techniques! I’m sure my students would also appreciate the impact of your work!"

Erasmia VassiliadouLecturer at a VET College Co-Owner of a Beauty Salon

"Within a semester Dr. Danos completely reformulated our course in Design and Technology so that, for the first time, it placed emphasis on Visual Communication and the development of Graphicacy Literacy. Her course structure and content was highly appreciated by the students and is largely used to this date for our School Practicum"

Professor Constantinos P. ConstantinouProfessor of Science & Education University of Cyprus





Scientific Publications


Teacher Training Courses


Workshops & Seminars


EU funded research projects


Years of Experience


Schools Supervised




European Commission EPSO Prometric test Competition
2017 Winner of the Competition
Research Award
2011 International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA)
Design & Manufacturing Award
2003 Middlesex University
Design & Manufacturing Award
2002 Middlesex University

Are you looking for an expert in teaching, facilitating learning and driving your people to unveil their awesome potential?

You have the vision, the drive and you’re ready to see your people grow. You understand that human potential is almost unlimited and that differentiation is the bridge to exposing and unleashing the gifts and talents of your people.
You are no longer satisfied knowing that your people are only offering teaching to their learners; you feel the need for your people to become facilitators of learning, development and growth. You want to see them becoming INFLUENCERS, LIKE YOURSELF. The ones who will be remembered for launching people towards their fullest potential.

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