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What is important to you, will become important to your team. Your vision (or the lack of communicating this), is the beacon guiding your staff. If you are finding that the culture of your team does not reflect your vision, or you are ready for setting a new direction, then this route is for you. The change will come through you, the leader, hence we will work on ensuring you become the inspiring leader your team needs you to be. We will work on creating a sharp, well calculated vision, set up the strategy to achieve that, while empowering your people to become invaluable members of a purpose driven team.
The key elements of focus for this course is clear, empowering and inspiring:

  • Communication
  • Structured goals setting
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Team working skills (for you the leader, and the team members)

What got you here

won’t get you there

Are you feeling like the speed of you or your top employee’s success and growth is slowing down? Have you (or your top employees) gone past the tip of the achievement curve and are now operating on a slow professional progression? Do you feel stagnated? If you resonate with this situation, then this route is for you.

Often the things that got us our success, are amongst the same things which are holding us back from reaching the new levels and goals we envision. This is a path of deep self-reflection and awareness, which will make you come face to face with your full self; the good, the bad and the ugly. If you are serious about your development and have the power to face the limitations which are causing the stagnation, and take correction actions, then it’s time we work together.

Working using a 360˙ assessment and review strategy, we will pinpoint the major assets which are still part of your driving, successful trades, and identify the ones which are no longer serving you. Often, the change required to free you from stagnation and catapult you back into the steep progress and success, mount to a 3% of change in your habitual actions and perception. This course is designed to find these and give you the tools and support to implement them to achieve the change you seek.

Managing People

micromanagement is a thing of the past

As your team is growing, a lot of the work you were doing over the years now has to be passed down to others, to allow you the freedom to invest yourself in growing and opening new horizons for your department and your organization. You do not have the time needed for the training of your staff and you are no longer interested on micromanagement.

If this feels like you, this route is for you and your people. This course is structured so as to free your hands and time so you can focus on the expansion of your work and organization, while bringing in and setting robust foundations and procedure for successful and reliable growth and management of your team. Areas of focus can include:

  • Setting real goals
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Assesment & Feedback
  • Exposing your people’s strongest assets
  • Productivity
  • Supporting generation X, millennials and gen z in one team



Do you find yourself always on the go, with no time for proper planning, the well needed rest you feel needed, and the absence of any personal life? Do you feel lost in the havoc of the day, your life overtaken by work, with a never ending and forever growing ‘to do list’? It doesn’t have to be this way, and let me assure you, you can reach higher success without sacrificing yourself and your personal life.

A tired and cluttered mind can only work to ensure minimal survival. It allows no time or space for bringing in the new, no time for creation, no space for growth. The time of working hard for survival is over; this is the time of working smart! Make no mistake, I am not here to give you a secret, never-ending pot of gold. I have something better for you.

Learn how to create sharp, clear, bullet-proof plans and ensure their success while keeping in control of your time, life and yourself. You will learn how to harness the almost unlimited potential of the human mind, and become in command of your thoughts and feelings, driving calculated, clear and concise actions which you will set out to achieve your goals.

Shaping &

Elevating your Work Culture

Have you entered a new promising organization ready to unveil your awesomeness and take the department to new ventures, only to find the organizational culture of your team to be a constant drug and ongoing obstacle? Or are you the leader who over the past years has been focused on catapulting the organization to new levels only to look back and find a dismantled, dysfunctional team trying to catch up? Sometimes a very willing and capable team can get lost if left without clear boundaries and leadership.

And sometimes your team might be in need of new guidelines and structure to help them catch up with the development and growth of the new times and the organization. If this resonates with you, then this route is for you. This course is designed to give you clear strategies, tools and guidelines, on identifying and exposing the true current culture driving your people and your organization, and changing that to match you as a leader, and the new times ahead.



Every small to medium size enterprise will find themselves in this stage at some point after enjoying years of success and growth. You have a good team which has helped you and your company grow and see your goals being achieved; but now you have reached a point where you feel the power of your team is failing to reach and stay up with your new goals. If this resonates with you, this route is for you and your people. Disorganization and human errors which where excusable in the past, are now costing you clients, money, and opportunities, holding you back. You often think of letting go or replacing staff, and you feel your staff’s frustration, with the moral being low.

This is not the time to scrap your old team and look for a new one, this is time for restructuring! Your staff have been following successfully your old you and your old vision. They did it before, and they can do it again! All they need is a clearly defined path, and their trusted leader on their side.
This course is designed to help you restructure the procedures and management of your team, to help everyone feel and become a valued member of the team you need to support and drive you to achieve your new goals and vision.