Funded Training Programme: Introduction Into Investor Protection & Risk Control In Online Trading (Employed)


Description of course:

This educational programme aims to offer a unique and complete knowledge solution to novice users of investment apps and platforms engaging in transactions involving forex, metals, stocks, crypto and more. In addition, the programme’s mission is to safeguard investors from both apparent, and hidden risks, and to help them to develop knowledge and skills that will allow them to make well-informed investment decisions.


Who this course is for:

• Perfect if you feel you are really new to investing or a beginner
• I invest sometimes through work but I am not sure what it is I really even own and is it truly right for me.
• I want to learn enough practical stuff to make a difference for me and my family.
• I realise there are a lot of scams in online investing. I want to learn enough to avoid making a big mistake blowing away my savings.
• I finally have saved enough to give me a small amount to experiment and invest with the hope of creating a new source of income.
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