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Learning is an EXPERIENCE comprised by a PROCESS where the leaner is taking ACTIVE PARTICIPATION! Listening to someone talking (teaching) IS NOT LEARNING! it could be a short part of the process - but it is not a requirement for learning! Stop focusing on the teaching and start focusing on the learning! Shift Your Perspective!

Xenia Danos

When you own your awesomeness and are unapologetic about it, then you can feel no threat by other people's awesomeness. Instead, your confidence and enthusiasm spark positively one another, raising you to new levels! Now imagine this being the way your team operates and grows on a daily basis! This is the potential of diversity!

Xenia Danos

Don't alienate yourself by focusing on the challenges. Know that your group is as awesome as you are, each in their own unique ways! Find the special talent for each of your persons and tap into it!

Dr. Xenia Danos