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Video 1 The Question

Tips & Tricks for being a GREAT eLearning TRAINER

Is it OK to have your participant’s videos switched off during eLearning?

YES      I     NO      I      Sometimes

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We read a lot of advice online on how to effectively teach through eLearning these days, some of which can be really useful. However, not everything we read makes the best practice to be implemented. in these series of videos, I will be giving some tips and tricks on how to upgrade your eLearning strategy and methods, based on my trainees questions and on some questionable advice we have come across on the internet the past coming weeks.

If you are unsure of how to approach any issue regarding eLearning, please write it below or in a personal message, and I will try to address it in the coming videos! Let’s build excellence through eLearning together!


Video 1 The Answer  Tips & Tricks for being a GREAT eLearning TRAINER

Tips & Tricks for being a GREAT eLearning TRAINER : Is it ok to teach with videos switched off? Why?

For the past year most lessons have moved online, and in many cases, trainers conduct lessons facing black screens (where participant’s cameras are switched off).

Last week I asked you to tell us whether you think this is acceptable and why; and if it is acceptable, then under which circumstances and which not. Here is the answer to that question: