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* Ακολουθεί βίντεο στα Ελληνικά

#Day 4 – New Habits WILL be formed

Practical simple tools and steps to HELP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CO-EXIST IN HARMONY, INDOORS, during this long lasting situation.

You can either TAKE CONTROL and put in PLACE POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE HABITS or let the daily instability to sway you.


I talk more about how to go about to consciously form new habits at a video released live on Facebook.

Νέες συνήθειες – αυτογνωσία

Δημιουργία δομής στην καθημερινότητα σου

View the video below to find out how to do this, following simple, practical steps.


Πως να κτίσεις συναισθηματικής ανθεκτικότητας – πρακτικές ασκήσεις και δράσεις.